Up in the middle of the night

Now past 2 and I have been awake since 1. I'm sure that blogging will not make me sleepy but here I go anyway.

  1. I have a slight cold. My left ankle hurts. I am complaining! STOP IT!
  2. Peter Boyle died:

    • "Everyone Loves Raymond"
    • "Young Frankenstein"

  3. Interesting news on Sen. Tim Johnson, D-South Dakota. I am praying for him!
  4. I ordered this book from Amazon: Tithing: Low-Realm, Obsolete & Defunct. I don't have an "ax to grind" about this doctrine but I don't believe it is New Testament teaching.
  5. I am actually feeling better about work. I am having a good week. Portend of good things to come?
  6. Why I am leery about eating out: Taco Bell
  7. Why my daughter has straight A's in College: Good grades? (I'M JOKING!!)
  8. Jack Kevorkian pardoned. My friend Powers Payton once jokingly sent me a fake coupon for a free office visit to Jack!
  9. Roger's Christmas gift finally shipped and should be here tomorrow.

Clock just chimed 2:30 ... I am going back to bed!

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