Charles Hodge - Systematic Theology

Theology is concerned with the facts and the principles of the Bible

My dear Mother gifted me with Charles Hodge's Systematic Theology (3 volumes)

"Charles Hodge (1797-1878) was the principal of Princeton Theological Seminary between 1851 and 1878. He was one of the greatest exponents and defenders of historical Calvinism in America during the 19th century."

In 2007, I am going to endeavor to read it in it's entirity.

From the first chapter:

The Bible is to the theologian what nature is to the man of science. It is his store-house of facts; and his method of ascertaining what the Bible teaches, is the same as that which the natural philosopher adopts to ascertain what nature teaches.

the duty of the Christian theologian is to ascertain, collect, and combine all the facts which God has revealed concerning himself and our relation to Him. These facts are all in the Bible.

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  1. I have Charles Hodge's book in my Logos Library and by using a 2nd Speech Text to Speech software I have been listening to it being read for going on a week now.

    I am enjoying him addressing Darwin in a very refreshing manner since it was happening right then and there in real time as he was writing his book.

    I am enjoying the read and hope you do too.


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