The Nativity Story

Kathee and I are going to see The Nativity Story this afternoon at 3 with my Brother and his wife.

Lunds today:

  1. The place was packed. The parking lot was completely full. I estimate that there was 4 times the customers as normal
  2. It was so crowded that I had a hard time navigating (I walk with 2 crutches), so I went to the loft area and waited for Kathee to finish
  3. There was a small combo band playing holiday music: a guy with a small drum set, a guitarist, and horn player. Interesting thing is that, while pleasant, was all secular: "White Christmas", "Jingle Bells", etc.

Holiday memories:

  1. Favorite presents: train set when I was about 10, and an English bicyle when I was about 13.
  2. Saddest Christmas: the year Dawn Wallace died out in Anaheim California just before Christmas. I flew to Oakland (from Denver) on Christmas day to perform her funeral on 12/26. As I recall she was 21 or 22.
  3. Worst Christmas: When Roger was in Iraq (USMC) 2 years ago. Oh how I ached for my son!
  4. Snowiest: In 1987 (my Mom, Dad, Roger, and his first wife were with us in Denver), we had 27" of snow. That was the year I was hospitalized for 11 weeks and had just been out of the hospital for a month
  5. Coldest: A couple a years ago it was -17 degrees here in Plymouth.
  6. First Christmas after I was saved: 1969. It was special ... the Christmas story finally was real to me!

Back from "The Nativity Story".

  1. It was very good and was "moving". What I appreciated about it:
  2. The human drama of a young woman with child ... trying to explain to her parents and Joseph that she had broken no vow
  3. The angelic appearances and vision (to Joseph) handled nicely
  4. Herod shown as a very wicked and sly man
  5. The scenery (although not filmed in Jerusalem
  6. The obedience and faith of Joseph nicely portrayed.

Kathee is making "white chili" (white beans and chicken) ... one of Rachel's favorites. All kids will be here for dinner.

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