Christmas Eve

We were at 4th Baptist for worship this morning. Pastor McLachlan's message was from Matthew 1:18-25. Here was his outline:

  1. The Miracle of Christ's Birth - there are two inexplicable realities:

    1. His birth was prophetically announced (22,23)
    2. His birth was supernaturally achieved (18-20)

  2. The Mission of Christ's Birth - there are two redemptive purposes

    1. To become the Son of Man - "she shall bring forth a Son"
    2. To become the Savior of Mankind - "call His name Jesus"

Our house is full of activity. Kathee is preparing lasagna for after church tonight, setting the table, making dessert, etc. Rachel is wrapping presents. Roger (from the smells from the kitchen) is making an omlette.

Tonight we intend to worship at 4th at 5:00. Roger and Kathy are joining us and then we will have dinner afterwards.

Kathee and I have been discussing "The Nativity Story" last night and today. It really ministered to us - although (as does any movie) it had its flaws.

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