Managing Spam

Spam Doubles, Finding New Ways to Deliver Itself

How I manage spam (and so far it is working)

  1. I never provide my work email account to anyone! My work email is free from Spam. (This was not always the case, I had an older work email account that was so compromized that I received scores of Spam every day. First I used outlook tools to separate (using an outlook add on). But after a while the Spam even overwhelmed that tool. Finally I had our support personnel cancel that account and create a new email account for me.
  2. I rarely email my family with my corporate email account. There are exceptions.
  3. I have multiple web based accounts.

    1. All of my commerce related activity filters through to a Gmail account. And Gmail does a super job (so far) at trapping Spam.
    2. I have several personal-specific web based accounts that have "white listing" technology in place. White listing means that only people who are in my address book can sent to my inbox.

My previous attempt at Spam control was to implement a Linux server with Spam Assassin software. This worked but it more complex than my current set up.

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