Understanding Transfats

My Son, Roger was explaining this to me.

In hot oil


Wiki: Trans Fat

One thing we don't agree on ... Jiffy Peanut butter verses natural peanut butter.


Does Peanut Butter Have Partially Hydrogenated Oils?

Regular peanut butter does contain a tiny, tiny amount (far less than 1%) of partially hydrogenated oil. It keeps the oil from separating out of the peanut butter and rising to the top of the jar, makes the peanut butter creamier, and dramatically increases the shelf life of the peanut butter.

The resulting amount of trans fat in regular peanut butter is so small that, under the proposed FDA labeling guidelines for trans fats, the peanut butter labels will list 0 trans fats. The proposed FDA rule indicates that trans fat amounts of less than .5g cannot be accurately measured and will be listed on the label as 0.

Editorial: Watch New York on trans-fat ban (Star Tribune 12/25/2006)

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