John Piper ... a faith that saves

I got this quote from another blog site:

Piper on the Kind of Faith That Saves

It is possible to receive things you do not like. It is possible to believe in things you do not admire and esteem and treasure. And I want to make sure you understand, saving faith is not a believing in something you don't like. Saving faith is not believing in a person you don't cherish and treasure and love. Saving faith is a believing in and a receiving of a treasure, or it does not save.

Oh, that's so important to make plain in our easy-believism age where people are just called to make this or that decision or the other, and nothing ever changes--Christ just tacked on to their American Way.

It's worth thinking about. The one who does not love Christ and have a desire to follow Him should seriously consider whether his faith is real, saving faith!

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