Don't go overseas with more than $ 5.01 in change

As it turns out, your pennies are worth more than a penny - that is, the intrinsic value of the metal (copper) is worth more than .01! I really can't see me with 501 pennies in my pocket or any combination that adds up to $ 5.01 (but if my wife's coin purse may have this combination!):

  1. 20 quarters and 1 penny or
  2. 100 nickels and 1 penny or
  3. 50 dimes and 1 penny or
  4. 10 quarters, 20 dimes, 6 nickels, and 21 pennies or
  5. You get the drift (almost like a 3rd grade math problem!)

The Feds seem to be concerned about this: The rule also bans the exportation of the coins, beyond traveling with $5 worth

My view of the good old penny is this -

  1. I'm old enough to remember a 3 cent stamp,
  2. A 10 cent bus ride,
  3. A 5 cent cold frosty A&W root beer!

It's time to retire this coin! I don't even carry them in my pocket anymore. I won't bend down to pick one off the sidewalk. At work, I have a collection of pennies on my desk around my stapler. At home I drop them in the bed of a little red metal pickup truck (that's about 12" long!).

I wonder what kind of set up one would need in their basement or garage to melt pennies. Sounds dangerous. I'm not going to try it!

Meanwhile ... don't fly overseas with more than $ 5.01 in coins. You could end up in jail (I find this hard to believe but this is the letter of the law!)

For those who are interested in the intrinsic value of coins, check this site!

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