Retirement planning calculators

Not that I'm thinking of it (ha!) but sooner or later one is going to be "worn out" and ready to ditch the corporate life for something more fulfilling.

My wife would like to be a bee-keeper (really!). I don't think that is going to work out in Plymouth, but we may move someday.

Meanwhile, here are three retirement planning calculators:

  1. CNN: Money
  2. Fidelity Investments
  3. American Century

This much I know:

  1. While my Dad worked for 40 years for A.T.&T. and had a full pension ...
  2. Those days are gone! (for most of us). We live in a post-defined-pension world! We also live in a post-my-company-will-take-care-of-my-health-care-costs world (when I worked for IBM ... we paid nothing for health care. The company paid it all!
  3. It's best not to rely upon the government (or one's children)
  4. I used to think I would Pastor a church until I died (sounds naive to me now!) but that was my plan.

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