Star Tribune sold

This is one of the two papers we receive - the other being the USA Today.

What I like about the Star Tribune:

  1. The local news (it's my only choice! We do receive the weekly "Sun Sailer" with news of Plymouth ... but this paper is not much. The Pioneer Press is not available for home delivery in the West suburbs so it is not an option)
  2. The business section (because it has local business news that I would not get elsewhere!)

What I don't like about the Star Tribune:

  1. The editorial policy which is predictably left leaning
  2. The constant opposition to anything conservative or Republican
  3. It is expensive (no competition for the local news)
  4. Our delivery person is not reliable (sometimes the paper is wrapped in plastic ... other times when the weather is obviously inclement, the paper is not wrapped and is wet. Sometimes he just does not deliver at all!)

Now you know how I feel about the paper. Today's news tells the business value of it!

The Star Tribune was purchased 8 years ago fo $ 1.2 billion and yesterday it was sold for $ 530 million (a loss of $ 670 million! Perhaps if the new management could fix the things I don't like, it will increase in value!

Goldman Sachs Says 'Star Tribune' Sale a Troubling Signal for Industry

Private group buys Star Tribune

  1. Our lunch with Dave and Colleen fell through and we are going to meet them tomorrow instead.
  2. I read on and off: Hodge, Jimmy Carter Our Endangered Values, and Robert Spencer Islam and the Crusades
  3. Nathan came for dinner
  4. We finished Genesis tonight

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