Construction of the Rockford Road bridge will begin in May

Construction on Rockford Road bridge slated to begin in May


Construction of the Rockford Road bridge will begin in May, according to draft plans and a tentative construction schedule shared at a recent open house.

The project will be completed in three phases, tentatively set to begin May 15 and be complete Nov. 15, weather permitting.

During construction, the bridge is expected to be open to traffic through June 7, closed for 120 days through September, and open during the third phase with southbound ramp closures.

A traditional diamond interchange was selected and will expand the bridge capacity and turn lanes. The features include dedicated left-turn lanes onto Interstate 494 and two through lanes in either direction to improve public safety and traffic flow while reducing congestion.

In addition, both exit ramps with have dual turn lanes to handle current and future traffic flows.

One of the goals is to not close the bridge at the same time as the ramps, to minimize impact on local businesses without stretching the project into another construction season, said Derek Schmidt, project manager with the consulting firm WSB and Associates.

The posted detours will send local traffic to Interstate 494 via Highway 55 by means of Rockford Road and County Road 61/Northwest Boulevard, utilizing county roads that can handle the additional traffic volume.

Comment: Project plan

  • Phase 1 – May 13 to June 7 Construction is tentatively set to begin May 13. Both north ramps will be closed (the ramp from County Road 9 to northbound I-494 and the ramp from southbound I-494 to County Road 9). The bridge will be open to traffic during this phase.
  • Phase 2 – June 10 to Sept. 27 The County Road 9 bridge will be closed to traffic roughly 120 days – tentatively set for June 10 to Sept. 27 – weather permitting. Removal of the existing bridge is tentatively planned for the weekend of June 8-9, which may require the closure of I-494. After the completion of this phase, the new bridge will be open to traffic.
  • Phase 3 – Sept. 30 to Oct. 31 During this phase, tentatively set for Sept. 30 to Oct. 31, both south ramps will be closed (the ramp from County Road 9 to southbound I-494 and the ramp from northbound I-494 to County Road 9). The new bridge will be open to traffic during this phase, but motorists may experience lane closures while crews complete the interchange. The anticipated completion date is Nov. 15 – weather permitting.


Walter Cunningham's "Global Warming: Facts versus Faith"

Global Warming: Facts versus Faith

From Wiki:

Cunningham rejects the scientific consensus regarding anthropogenic global warming (AGW). In 2010, he published a pamphlet titled "Global Warming: Facts versus Faith" in which he states: "The current debate is not unlike Galileo's historic disagreement with the Catholic Church, or the battle over evolution versus creationism. In all three cases, facts are pitted against faith and science against religion. The conflict over global warming has deteriorated into a religious war between true believers in AGW and non-believers, the so-called 'skeptics.'"

In an editorial published in the Houston Chronicle on August 15, 2010, Cunningham argued that the empirical evidence does not support the claims of global warming. The editorial, titled "Climate change alarmists ignore scientific methods", stated his opinion that the global warming debate hinged on four key points. "About 20 years ago," he stated, "a small group of scientists became concerned that temperatures around the Earth were unreasonably high and a threat to humanity. In their infinite wisdom, they decided:

  1. that CO2 (carbon dioxide) levels were abnormally high
  2. that higher levels of CO2 were bad for humanity
  3. that warmer temperatures would be worse for the world
  4. that we are capable of overriding natural forces to control the Earth's temperature. Not one of these presumptions (opinions) has proven to be valid."
Comment: Top link is to his pamphlet


Bitter Week

2/3/1996 Trib

On Track for Plowable (4-8") Snowfall Sunday PM - Coldest Pop in 15 Years Next Week


By midweek, we may see the coldest temperatures since 2004, when the mercury at MSP sank to a face-chapping -24F. Records show only 6 mornings of 20 below or colder at MSP since 2000. It's increasingly rare, but little pieces of the polar vortex still flake off and meander south of the border. I suspect next week's invasion will be the coldest of the winter and possibly the chilliest outbreak since 2004. BTW, subzero lows become less frequent in February, due to a higher sun angle. If that's any consolation. A strong clipper may still drop 4-8 inches of powder late Sunday and Sunday night, with the best chance of a half foot or more south of the Twin Cities. Expect a memorable AM commute Monday morning.
Coming our way: A snowstorm, then dangerous cold


The midweek cold spell will rival the frigid February of 1996, which closed schools and challenged septic systems, car batteries and guys who wear shorts no matter what, the Weather Service said. Next week's arctic surge will have one feature the 1996 spell didn't have — winds of 10 to 15 mph on Tuesday night and Wednesday, Calderone said. That will yield windchills of 45 below zero in the metro and of up to 60 below zero in the country, where the wind has more room to move, he said. Winds will die down a bit Wednesday night and Thursday. Tuesday's high will be 7 below zero, and Wednesday's will be 11 below, with Thursday "warming up" to a high of 4 below, Calderone said. What to do? "Stay inside," he advised. "Keep your pets inside. Telecommute. If you really have to go out, dress in layers, and make sure you have emergency gear in your car." If it's any comfort, Calderone said, "we're not looking at setting records here." For the record, here are the record temperatures at the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport — 29 below for Jan. 29, set in 1951; 30 below for Jan. 30, set in 1887, and 27 below for Jan. 31, also set in 1887.

Comment: We moved here June of 1996

Maybe 4". Today at 4pm. Now about 14



Chess on MLK morning

  • Conservative play
  • Cleared column H
  • White King advanced in H to drive Black King out of cleared column
  • Pawn promoted to Queen
  • Invalidated Black Bishop (note White Pawns on light squares
  • Knight posted at key protected position


Lenovo ThinkPad T480s

Lenovo ThinkPad T480s

Comment: 1st time in 6 years or more, I will be a ThinkPad owner. Arrives Monday

Last T440 (company laptop 7/28/14). Before than T410 (company laptop )


All the Announced Democrats


The other Apple

7 Great Stocks With a 7 Percent Yield


Apple Hospitality REIT (APLE):  Structured as a real estate investment trust, Apple wins favorable tax treatment for its real estate intensive business but in return must pass on 90 percent of taxable income to shareholders. This is a win-win, because the Virginia-based hotel operator has been able to expand its portfolio to more than 30,000 rooms and over 240 hotels while consistently delivering impressive yield to its shareholders -- even as it has grown. Shares took a tumble at the end of 2018 amid the broader trouble for the stock market, and now investors with a long-term perspective would be well-served by considering a bargain buy in this high-yield stock.
Comment: Quote / Company website . Owns the Hilton Garden Inn, 6350 Vinewood Lane N, Maple Grove, MN 55311


Antique Bedroom Set

We acquired this set 40 years ago from an Air Force couple who purchased it in Belgium.

They said it was 125 years old.

The set has not be restored.

See photos in this link: http://bit.ly/antique_belgium 

There are 4 pieces:

  1. Armoire (H 81", W 41", D 20") 
  2. Twin bed with clean and good mattress:
    • (Headboard: H 52 1/2", W 42") 
    • (Footboard: H 44", W 42")
    •  (Length: 82") 
  3. Dresser (marble top) 
    • (Dresser: 38 1/2" H x 41 1/2" W x 20" D) 
    • (Mirror: H 35", W 35 1/2") 
  4. Washstand (marble top) (33" x 17" 17")


Update on my cancer journey

PSA after prostate surgery is the biochemical marker for cancer. Meaning zero is no cancer detected. I had my bloodwork on New Years Eve and received the results today. So "0" is good news! Thank you friends and family for praying for me!