Hodge on Mysticism

[Mysticism] differs from the Doctrine of the "Leading of the Spirit."

Neither is Mysticism to be confounded with the doctrine of spiritual
guidance. Evangelical Christians admit that the children of God are
led by the Spirit of God; that their convictions as to truth and duty,
their inward character and outward conduct, are moulded by his
influence. They are children unable to guide themselves, who are led
by an ever-present Father of infinite wisdom and love. This guidance
is partly providential, ordering their external circumstances; partly
through the Word, which is a lamp to their feet; and partly by the
inward influence of the Spirit on the mind. This last, however, is
also through the Word, making it intelligible and effectual; bringing
it suitably to remembrance. God leads his people by the cords of a
man, i.e., in accordance with the laws of his nature. This is very
different from the doctrine that the soul, by yielding itself
passively to God, is filled with all truth and goodness; or, that in
special emergencies it is controlled by blind, irrational impulses. (v 1 p 68)

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