Bluetooth in your car - what is it?

My Sister told me this week that they are planning on replacing their 1994 Camray with an new 2007 car. She said, "we want something that has Bluetooth".

Since, I've been wondering what it would mean to have Bluetooth in one's car. Well here is what I found: What the Heck Is Bluetooth and Why Should I Care?

Here's another article: The Bluetooth Car

In a car like the Acura TL, Bluetooth is icing on the cake. You set up HandsFreeLink by pairing the phone with the car. Then you can control the phone from the dashboard whenever it's in or near the car. Press the Talk button on the steering wheel and say a name or number and your cell phone dials the number from the car's phone book. Dialing and caller information as well as signal and battery strength appear on the instrument panel

I'm about 5 years away from a new car but I could see the value of this.

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