TC ... Comeback kid!

Edina man shares triumphs, trials as he recovers from spinal injury
The name of Thomas Cloyd's blog says it all: "TC - The Comeback."

In it, he shares the trials and triumphs of a 25-year-old man who is learning how to live with a spinal cord injury while working to regain as much strength and functioning as possible.

Cloyd, of Edina, has made much physical progress in the six months since he dove into a shallow part of a Wisconsin lake, damaging his spinal cord. But those who know him say his positive attitude and sense of humor are just as remarkable.

Through his blog, he proves both are still intact. "I started blogging so people could see where I was [with recovery], because so many people were concerned. It's a good record for me, too," Cloyd said. "It's really nice just to do it and to know people are reading it. I'm just a vain SOB," he joked.

Cloyd's posts, dictated to his dad or a friend, are filled with jokes about "nearly striking children and running over small dogs" while taking his power-assist wheelchair for a spin around Lake Harriet, thank-yous to those who have sent him gifts and money, and reflection on how painful his injury can be.
Comment: T.C. - The Comeback Blog. This guy is courageous. Visit his blog!

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