Chumby to go silent?

End of Chumby as we know it...

As most of you know, Chumby Industries went out of business just about a year ago. The current service has been maintained by a handful of volunteers, including myself, and the service itself has been paid for by various entities - the Chumby estate, then the assignee for the assets, and finally a company that does not wish to be identified.

Unfortunately, that will be coming to a halt soon. As of the end of this coming February, the current service will no longer be paid for. So - what does this mean? Well, if nothing happens, all of the devices go dark, and all of the various services, including this forum the wiki, the widgets, the Control Panel, source code, development tools, etc., all disappears.

I really don't want that to happen. I am currently in the process of creating a new company to keep at least some form of the service running, so that we're not all left with bricks. Since I would be funding this out of my own pocket, that means some sacrifice, at least initially, of some of the features currently enjoyed by Chumby users.

What's happening at the moment is that I'm working to clear and acquire title to the assets necessary to run the service - that means at least some of the Chumby trademarks, the domains, the copyrights to all of the servers, control panels, widgets, and other miscellaneous stuff. We should know shortly if that will be successful.
Comment: Fun while it lasted!

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