Lost my Queen but still prevailed

  • The intent of my last move, B1 to B7 was to move the Black King away from protecting Black Rook
  • But he had no where to go because of Pawn at E5


Fell behind but rallied to win

  • I won by advancing a Pawn to promotion
  • Black Rook captured promoted Pawn-Queen and
  • White Queen captured the Black Rook to mate

A Fast Checkmate

The key:

  • Probably the White Pawn ladder at B1, C3, D4
  • The White King nicely tucked away at A1
  • There was tit for tat exchange of pieces and then
  • A White Pawn, protected by Rook, advanced and was promoted
  • It was a race to promote a Pawn and White won 
  • And then the game!