Gun Rights and Privacy

Connecticut lawmaker wants names of gun owners to be made public

Lawmakers in Connecticut – still stunned from the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting – are moving forward with legislation that could make public the names and addresses of 170,000 handgun permit holders in the state.

The measure, introduced by state Rep. Stephen Dargan, is the latest effort to clamp down on guns in Connecticut. If passed, the bill would reverse a 20-year decision by state lawmakers to keep the personal information confidential. The legislation would make the information fair game under the state’s Freedom of Information Act.

Dargan told FoxNews.com on Friday the measure was not intended to pit gun control activists and pro-gun groups against each other. Instead, it’s “to get a broader discussion going on gun issues and mental health in the state.” Critics say being able to obtain the names and addresses of gun permit holders is an invasion of privacy, but others argue that people in the community have the right to know who owns a gun and who does not 
Comment: Just at the proposal stage now. To make this data public would be a gross invasion of privacy! What's next ... make one's income and investments public?!


  1. Somebody seriously needs to consider the fact that the perpetrator of the recent atrocity didn't have a handgun permit, and that making permit holders' identities known would only enable further nutcases to perpetrate more atrocities.


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