Back to the Office

I went back to the office today for the first time since I left on Thursday September 27th.
  • My sickness began Friday September 28th.
  • I worked three weeks from home until I was hospitalized on Saturday October 20th
  • I was out of work from Monday October 22nd until Monday December 10th (7 weeks)
  • I continued to work from home
  • I had the procedure on Thursday December 13th
  • Then worked from home from December 14th until today. A total of 12 weeks away from my office
Image source: Still (Milton) from Office Space. (the lesser known Office)

  • I forgot my badge. Fortunately the security guard knows me and there was no problem getting a day badge.
  • It took a couple of minutes to connect to the Ethernet port.
  • Two in the communications department one row over took other jobs (Sara and Mimi). They have moved to other buildings.
  • Person next to me left. I had hardly gotten to know her
  • 2 cubes down ... was empty ... now a new guy
  • Hugs from Joan, Deb, and Nancy.
  • I had a full glass of water on my desk. Still there 3 months later! (I washed out the glass!)
  • There was a yellow note pad on my desk. A blue pen was lying diagonally on the pad. The yellow pad was discolored around the outline of where the pen rested.
  • Other printed notes on my desk all obsolete ... trashed them.

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