Loretta Lacy: In a hurry on I-90

Speeder caught 4 times -- once at 112 mph -- in a few hours in S. Minn.

A 49-year-old motorist was stopped for speeding four times in about 2 1/2 hours on a southern Minnesota interstate as she raced in from South Dakota and toward southeastern Wisconsin at speeds topping 110 miles per hour, authorities said Wednesday.

Loretta Lacy, of Sioux Falls, was first stopped on I-90 in Martin County shortly before 2:30 p.m. Friday after witnesses reported her speeding and zipping in and out of traffic, according to the State Patrol.

Lacy was clocked at 112 mph in her 1999 Chrsyler LHS sedan as she passed a state trooper, then was pulled over and ticketed for speeding, no insurance and possession of marijuana, said Patrol Lt. Eric Roeske. A "very, very small amount" of marijuana was confiscated, Roeske said.

Just 20 miles later she was stopped again, this time going 99 mph. She was ticketed again for speeding and no insurance, the patrol said. After Minnesota and Wisconsin patrols were put on the lookout, she was stopped a little more than an hour later in Freeborn County, this time for driving 88 mph and still no insurance -- not that she had time to buy any. Her last ticket before entering Wisconsin came shortly before 5 p.m. for driving 88 in a 70 mph zone.
Comment: Says a lot about her 1999 Chrsyler LHS (file photo from Wiki)


  • Interstate 90 in Minnesota: 276 miles (mostly boring I suppose!). At 70 mph one could traverse Minnesota in 4 hours. At 90 in a little more than 3.
  • I've never driven above 80 for sustained periods of time. 75 yes.
  • I've probably done 90 ever now or then in bursts. Mostly unnecessarily
  • I know we have driven on I-90 from I-35 west into South Dakota and from Wisconsin to I-35 but I don't recall ever doing the whole 276 in one trip


  1. Crazy woman. I wouldn't have guessed you could get four speeding tickets in a day and still be on the road.

  2. Here's a "Tortoise and Hare" question.

    Two cars are driving from South Dakota to Wisconsin on I-90. One averages 90 mph but is stopped 4 times for speeding ... the other plods along at 60 mph.

    Which one will traverse Minnesota I-90 the fastest?


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