Lenovo ThinkPad T480s

Lenovo ThinkPad T480s

Comment: 1st time in 6 years or more, I will be a ThinkPad owner. Arrives Monday

Last T440 (company laptop 7/28/14). Before than T410 (company laptop )


All the Announced Democrats


The other Apple

7 Great Stocks With a 7 Percent Yield


Apple Hospitality REIT (APLE):  Structured as a real estate investment trust, Apple wins favorable tax treatment for its real estate intensive business but in return must pass on 90 percent of taxable income to shareholders. This is a win-win, because the Virginia-based hotel operator has been able to expand its portfolio to more than 30,000 rooms and over 240 hotels while consistently delivering impressive yield to its shareholders -- even as it has grown. Shares took a tumble at the end of 2018 amid the broader trouble for the stock market, and now investors with a long-term perspective would be well-served by considering a bargain buy in this high-yield stock.
Comment: Quote / Company website . Owns the Hilton Garden Inn, 6350 Vinewood Lane N, Maple Grove, MN 55311


Antique Bedroom Set

We acquired this set 40 years ago from an Air Force couple who purchased it in Belgium.

They said it was 125 years old.

The set has not be restored.

See photos in this link: http://bit.ly/antique_belgium 

There are 4 pieces:

  1. Armoire (H 81", W 41", D 20") 
  2. Twin bed with clean and good mattress:
    • (Headboard: H 52 1/2", W 42") 
    • (Footboard: H 44", W 42")
    •  (Length: 82") 
  3. Dresser (marble top) 
    • (Dresser: 38 1/2" H x 41 1/2" W x 20" D) 
    • (Mirror: H 35", W 35 1/2") 
  4. Washstand (marble top) (33" x 17" 17")


Update on my cancer journey

PSA after prostate surgery is the biochemical marker for cancer. Meaning zero is no cancer detected. I had my bloodwork on New Years Eve and received the results today. So "0" is good news! Thank you friends and family for praying for me!