Remember the actual death of Lizzy Seeberg?


But perhaps the strangest and queasiest thing about the ubiquity of this spectacularly strange and queasy story is how much more attention the imaginary death of Te’o's imaginary girlfriend has received than the actual death of Lizzy Seeberg. Seeberg accused a Notre Dame football player whose name was never made public and who was never charged of sexual assault in 2010. She later committed suicide after an alleged campaign of harassment by players and school officials. A campus disciplinary hearing on the sexual assault charges took place, and the player was found “not responsible.”
Notre Dame Scandal: Family of Lizzy Seeberg Speaks Out

The parents of the college freshmen who committed suicide after claiming she'd been assaulted by a Notre Dame football player feel betrayed by the university that's been attended by generations of their family members. "This isn't a matter of someone stealing a laptop or a beer bust, this is a very serious allegation," said Tom Seeberg, father of Lizzy Seeberg. "This started in September, there were still leaves on trees and here we are with snowstorms and as I say, here we are." Lizzy, a 19-year-old student at Notre Dame's sister school, St. Mary's College, took her life Sept. 10, days after she reported to university police that she'd been improperly touched by a football player on the night of August 31.
Comment: Also Reported sexual assault at Notre Dame campus leaves more questions than answers

Meanwhile: More on the Manti Te'o story:
Manti Te'o in his own words

SI: How do you want her to be remembered?

TE'O: Lennay was so special. Her relationship with the heavenly father was so strong. She's so humble, hard working. And her main thing was her family. Her family was everything to her. As long as she took care of her family. And as long as she knew that her relationship with our heavenly father was strong, she had faith that everyone would work out. With her it was just always loving God and her family. I was just blessed to be part of that.
Comment: Media should not ignore a real young woman who really lived and died!

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