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Water main break cuts off service to much of downtown Minneapolis

Water main break is at "A". I am at red boxed building.

A major water main break in downtown Minneapolis at mid-afternoon Thursday cut off or reduced water service to much of downtown and workers were not expected to finish repairs until the evening.

The break was caused when an unidentified excavation contractor working for a utility company was working near the pipe shortly after 2 p.m., according to Marie Asgian, the city’s superintendent of water distribution. The break occurred at Hennepin and 2nd St. N., she said.

Water surged through nearby streets. “We’ll work into the night, whatever needs to be done,” Asgian said. “Nobody is going home until this is complete.” She said the cast-iron pipe will be repaired by cutting it and placing a sleeve over the break. She said that will happen after the break is isolated.

Typically those pipes rest eight feet below the surface.

The main is one of several major pipes carrying water across downtown to distribute through the city and caused a major impact downtown, with reports of lower pressure extending beyond Abbott Northwestern Hospital
Comment: people are leaving! Sign on the restroom ... only use for emergency. We are working until 6

Update: Star Tribune map of affected area. (We are working from home tomorrow)


  1. I just discovered your blog, and I'm enjoying reading your archives. I especially liked the timely post on Mark Twain's insight into New Year's resolutions as I am already struggling with my resolution. I found your blog while doing a search on the abt spinoff. It's nice to find a blog that covers investing, politics, humor, and other tid bits. Teresa

  2. Finally got home .... had to drive N then across University to Broadway.

    Water main break in downtown Mpls. flooding streets

    The City of Minneapolis says the water main break is at Hennepin Avenue and 2nd Street North. They are warning people to avoid the area if possible.

    City officials say private contractors working on a construction project ruptured a 36-inch water main that delivers water to a large portion of the city.

    In a new release, officials say "Most businesses and residents who are experiencing a disruption in service are expected to have water service restored this evening. It will take longer to restore service in the immediate area around the break, generally along 2nd Street from 3rd Avenue North to Marquette Avenue South. At this time, it is not known how long those four blocks may be without water."

    The private contractors, who ruptured the line, released this statement: "At approximately 2:30 PM, while our subcontractor, United Sewer and Water, was doing work near a City of Minneapolis water line, the line ruptured. We are currently investigating the cause of the accident. The incident occurred on the site of our 222 Hennepin apartment project, located on the corner of Hennepin and Washington Avenues. We are relieved to report that no one was injured as a result of the accident and the site has been evacuated. We are actively working with Minneapolis City officials to shut off the line so that repairs can be made. Further questions should be directed to the City of Minneapolis Public Works department."

  3. 1/24: Water main flood cost Minneapolis at least $325,000

    The gashed water main that gushed millions of gallons in downtown Minneapolis on Jan. 3 will cost the city at least $325,000, according to a preliminary estimate released Wednesday.

    The city estimate was the first attempt at capturing the order of magnitude of the city’s expenses from a rupture that was unprecedented in modern city history, and City Engineer Steve Kotke said the amount will likely rise.
    Previously the only cost the city had placed on the construction-site accident was an estimated cost of $65,000 for the lost water.


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