ING becomes Capital One 360

  • My 10 year "saver" anniversary is this month
  • I will miss "the Orange" but moving on
  • As long as the products remain, the interest rates beat the other bank, and the great customer service continues, I will stay!


  1. I've mentioned before that we use(d) ING for a few things, and that I had resisted making the complete switch. I started a new job in January, and decided to have the direct deposits put into our ING checking account. We'll see how it goes. I want to check out their bill pay services to see if it will work for everything and if we'll still like it.

    One good note - I called customer service yesterday with a question, and got a live person on the line who answered my question very quickly. Either way, I doubt we'll entirely get rid of our TCF account - it may be handy to keep a small balance there. I've had that account since I was 16 years old!

  2. We use the bill pay in a limited way because we have the full-blown Wells Fargo package with bill pay (free because I am an employee).

    I like the Wells Fargo system because it has some neat features: categorization (eg "utilities"), tracking (when check is cashed), and a history of the payee going back 16 months (helpful for budgeting). I don't like Wells Fargo bill pay for one-off checks where with Wells Fargo you would have to enter them in as a payee. Wells has a great transfer $$ system (say I want to sent my son $ 35 for mowing my lawn). But in the example of writing a check (like we did a couple of weeks ago) to Institution of Christian Research. I'm not likely to do this on a regular basis so I used ING Electric Orange - now renamed Capital One 360 something.

    Another cool feature of the ING checking is that you can enter a written check into the online registry. So for example I sent a check to a nephew for his wedding. I was able to (without entering him in as a payee (as I would have had to do with W/F) write the check, enter it into a registry and track when it was cashed.


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