Argumentum a silentio

The above image could be considered offensive 1. But all it really is, is the juxtaposition of a very cute picture of a puppy (source) with a meat grinder (source). You can quote me on this: "my wife has a meat grinder".

Does Jim Peet grind puppies in a meat grinder? I've never denied that!

Argument from silence


An argument from silence (also called argumentum a silentio in Latin) is generally a conclusion drawn based on the absence of statements in historical documents
Comment: My friend Monty inspired me to do this. The Westboro Baptist Church Sign Generator

1Below are the two images again ... with some nice separation between them. Suppose the blog post was about raising puppies ... and how my wife lovingly labored to make home-made puppy food!

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  1. Jim, I don't know why you would be shy about your puppy sausage. It's excellent!


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