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How about this one? Called a "Coil Car". We often see this in Plymouth near Medicine Lake (here)




  1. Have a bit of expertise with rail transit of "dry" chemical and pressurized chemical gas product. Once sold bulk product
    labeled "N.T.A". Large hoppers carried white flake product from
    New England to points in Canada and midwest. Those hoppers are
    lined with a slick internal coating to help product flow under force of
    gravity. RR's carry liquid and dangerous product in "bulk". This is far
    safer and expedient than truck transit. When rail spills happen gasified toxic liquids are often present. Cyanide under pressure is carried by rail in white tanker cars with a prominent "red stripe". This is a warning label to emergency RR personnel that this is HAZMAT.
    Thankfully these RR carboys are well designed to withstand the stress of derail accidents. The DOD use the rails to carry the
    "nasty" nuke and chemical explosive gasses and weapons that are part of today's modern society. When you see a spill go to higher ground and make a quick exit to :GET OUT of "Dodge".

  2. I got what you mean , thanks for posting .Woh I am happy to find this website through google. Moss And Colella


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