House Next Door

4250 Cottonwood Lane N

Comment: Our neighbor Shirley has moved in with her daughter and now her home is on the market. We knew it was going on the market and guessed the value at about $ 350,000. It's on the market for nearly $ 75,000 more. Will be interesting to see what it sells for. Hennepin County has it on the tax rolls for $ 338,000.

Below is pick of back of the of house .... red box is corner of back of mine.

Comment: See Guessing the value of one's home. This house was one the market for 1 or 2 weeks and then withdrawn


  1. Gotta start high or else you won't make what you want. We got ours for 25k$ less than asking price when we saw it.(and only raised our price 5k) We probably could have gotten more off if we had started a bit lower in our asking price. Not sure how much it had gone down before then.

  2. That's exactly why it's important to find a good realtor...start too high, and no one will give it a second look. Which is a big reason we got ours on short sale for 60% of what it was on the market for.

  3. My take with selling real estate (something I hate doing by the way!) is to price it as close to market as possible and go for the quick sale.

  4. I heard today from the neighbor across the street that this house sold.

    No news yet on price

  5. Latest: DINKS (Dual-income ... no kids). Young couple. To move in in April!

  6. I met the neighbors ... JJ and Janet

  7. Sold for $ 396K
    Hennepin County Property Search

    Sale Date: April, 2013

    Sale Price: $ 396,000


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