Account Take Over

Comment: Viking Image Source
4 hours ago someone(s) changed the address on our credit card to 8709 Fusilier Rd, Maurice, LA (select bottom image for larger)


  1. Ack. Can your bank tell you whether it was done online, by phone, or some other method?

  2. I just returned from the bank. The change was made over the phone. Wells Fargo Fraud group is investigating and will report back to the Personal Banker and then she to me. Probably will be next week some time before I hear.

    Meanwhile CC canceled ... New card to be here tomorrow.

    There have been no fraudulent charges on the card. So that is good

    Wells handled it professionally.

  3. I am so shocked that it was transferred to a double wide about 100 yards from a mobile home park! :^)

    ( but having just done house shopping, I'm getting pretty good at recognizing what a building is from the roofline....we learned to pan out and watch out for long white buildings--hog and poultry barns)

    I'm guessing they found a stray credit card receipt while you were in Florida.

  4. Excellent customer service from Wells Fargo ... received the replacement Visa card via Fed Ex at 10:00 a.m. (24 hours after bank visit). Also received new HSA card.


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