TSA befuddled by peanut butter separated oil

Man Sues TSA For $5 Million Following Peanut Butter Arrest

An Arizona man who was arrested at the behest of the TSA, following a wisecrack over a jar of peanut butter is suing the federal agency for $5 million. Frank Hannibal, 50, was detained and dragged from LaGuardia Airport recently by police after a run-in with TSA agents over the jar of gourmet sandwich spread. “The liquid oil that separated from the peanut butter had them baffled,” Hannibal told the New York Daily News. Hannibal then commented to his wife and children that “They’re looking to confiscate my explosives,” as TSA agents inspected the 16-ounce jar of “Crazy Richards” chunky peanut butter. TSA screener Edwin Sanchez, overheard Hannibal’s remark, did not see the funny side, and immediately called the cops, according to the court complaint.

... Hannibal has brought a $5-million-dollar lawsuit against the TSA worker and the Port Authority officer who arrested him, all over a $7 confectionary which was returned to him upon his release from jail. “It’s a sorry state of affairs in this country when sarcasm is considered a felony,” his attorney, Alan D. Levine of Queens, noted, adding that TSA agents need to act with common sense in such situations.
Comment: Crazy Richard's website. I have air travel ahead .... not looking forward to interacting with TSA


  1. This is silly, but it's worth noting that this silliness has been practiced since the 1970s or so. Anybody using words related to any explosive has faced arrest.

    That said, using McDonalds' rejects to staff the TSA has made it sadder and (at least if you're not flying anywhere) more amusing.

  2. When I recently passed thru airport security the agent was more interested in the bag containing my lunch; sandwich, dried fruit, trail mix, than the razor that was in my 1qt plastic bag!


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