The Midget Moniker

Big objection to small pickle's name leads to change

Chelley Martinka, a Rhode Island mom, found a pickle of a problem recently while shopping for, well, pickles. She noticed that Cains, a popular pickle brand in New England made by Minnesota’s own M.A. Gedney Co., had an offering called “midgets.” It’s a term that’s offensive to people born with dwarfism, as well as their families. And Martinka’s daughter, now 10 months old, had been diagnosed with the condition soon after birth. So, she blogged about the issue, made a YouTube video and contacted Gedney, the 132-year-old pickle maker with a national presence and a brand particularly well-known in the Twin Cities. Gedney’s CEO, Barry Spector, called her earlier this month and said the company would indeed junk the midget moniker.
Comment: Dictionary: "something (as an animal) much smaller than usual", Top image source, Isn't "Midge" a woman's name?. Other Midgets below:

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  1. I always liked midget car racing. I went to INDY Time Trials in 1968.
    My youthful friend had a "very fast" go-cart he named "007".
    Smaller cars was something I thought I could drive and afford. PLUS
    she is very cute.. (OR) is that Gidget?



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