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Comment: New garbage hauler ... half the cost

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  1. We have only been with this company for 2 weeks, and both weeks have been horrible.

    Week One: they picked up the cans, and just tossed them in the yard with other garbage that they didn't want to pick up. I made a complaint on their facebook page and send them a message. The complaint was deleted and my messages ignored.

    Week Two: They came to pick up the trash, and the driver grabbed a tree branch from the trash can, look at me and stuck it to his behind like he was humping himself with the stick then stuck his tongue out and did the farting sound.... right in front of my 1 year old and my 7 year old girls.

    We spoke with someone claiming to be with corporate and they would call us back in an hour. That was 2 hours ago, and we are once again being ignored.

    Week Three, they never picked up their trash can and canceled our service.

    Now on the 4th week, they entered our property without permission and took the trashcan and drug it down the side of my truck scratching the entire side of the truck.

    When I call to speak with the owner or someone in charge, I just get the run around and ignored. I'm promised a call back, and never get one. Complaints have been filed with the BBB and ignored. Messages and emails are ignored.

    This is a TRASH company.


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