Race riot among the same race?

Food fight erupts into melee at Minneapolis South High School

A cafeteria fight at Minneapolis South High School escalated into a melee involving hundreds of students Thursday, spurred by what parents and students said are growing racial tensions between Somali-American students and others. Police said that 200 to 300 students shoved, kicked and threw bottles at one other and that extra Minneapolis police officers were called in to break up the fighting. Three students and one staff member were taken to a hospital for medical treatment, and police said rioting and disorderly conduct charges could be filed. "We're very fortunate no one got seriously injured," said police spokesman Sgt. William Palmer, adding that in 19 years, "I honestly can't recall a [similar] situation of this magnitude." While school district leaders said they didn't know what sparked the fights, students such as Adnan Farah said they were the culmination of increasing racial tensions. "This school is not safe for Somali students," said Farah, a junior. "Throughout this year, there have been a lot of fights."
Comment: The Star Tribune article is not that clear but the WCCO reporting was:

“I seen a good 300 kids fighting; a big riot,” Abdi Sheikh said. “Punches to the face, everything. Guys beating girls up. Disrespectful things, man.” The fight started during the first lunch period, and escalated into a full brawl by the third lunch period. Witnesses say a fight between an African American girl and a Somali girl made the situation even more tense
Comment: My take is that it is legacy black vs new (minority) black. Karma?


  1. I think you and I should have (stage) an argument where each of us calls the other "WASP," "Honky", and the like. :^)

  2. Hey Honky ... more on the BLACK on BLACK "race riot" here and here

  3. Listening to WCCO (Channel 4) evening news tonight: They called it a riot between "Somalian-Americans and African-Americans".

    Kathee's comment: "I thought Somalia was in Africa!"

  4. "Animal House" .. etc. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0077975/
    "What am I ? I'm a ZIT".. FOOD Fight !


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