PSX: Not you father's Phillips 66

Phillips 66: A Value Energy Stock

Phillips 66 is an independent downstream energy company. The company refines, markets and transports petroleum products. As of September 2012, it operated 15 refineries and approximately 10,000 branded marketing outlets. The company also operates 15,000 miles of pipeline systems. Phillips 66 was created through the repositioning of ConocoPhillips and the company went public on May 1, 2012. Despite trading beginning less than a year ago, Phillips 66 reported a great Q4 and FY 2012. Greg Maxwell, CFO of Phillips 66, stated that the company's earnings for this quarter were up almost 250% in the Q4 2012 conference call.
Comment: We received some when Conoco divested PSX. Image ... nice retro station in Nebraska (from Wiki)

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