"See ID" on Credit Card?

See ID? Don't do it!


Thousands of consumers have written "See ID" or "Ask For ID" on the back of their credit or debit cards in lieu of a signature, believing the practice will thwart fraudsters.

After all, how could someone use a card fraudulently if they're asked to produce identification with it?

"Ever since I had my identity stolen, I have it on all my cards," said Matthew McGrigg, a 37-year-old executive for a Denver software company who watched helplessly as thieves drained his bank accounts with little more than his signature a few years ago.

But officials at Visa and MasterCard say unsigned cards are not only invalid, businesses should not accept them for purchases. And a card without the owner's autograph may actually be exposing the cardholder to fraud - and saddling the merchant who accepts it with the liability.

Comment: I still think it is a good idea! Image courtesy of Retail Management Online

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