I installed Moneydance on the MacBook tonight. I've been using this personal financial manager for 2 years on my Suse 9.2 desktop. I had an earlier version and took advantage of this opportunity (new computer) to upgrade and import the files from Linux.

It was straightforward:

  1. I exported 2 years of finances to a QIF file
  2. I emailed said file to self and shut down the Linux box
  3. I downloaded Moneydance to the Mac and registered the product
  4. I imported the QIF file
  5. And set up the on-line banking (Wells Fargo)
  6. It went smoothly and all is well.

Moneydance is a cross platform financial product: Windows / Linux / Mac. I like it because it performs faster than Quicken. It does not have all of the functionality of Quicken but has more than I need. Moneydance uses the OFX (Open Financial Exchange) format for financial institution connectivity. Pretty slick .... check it out! Here's a nice comparison of financial packages


  1. Can you show me how you set up moneydance with Wells Fargo? I tried it myself but I get an error message and when I called Wells Fargo they said I had to manually download the files and import them. Is there, in fact, a way to WebConnect with Wells Fargo??

  2. You have to sign up for the $ 3 per month service with Wells Fargo that enables downloads. (Sadly even employees have to pay this fee!).

    From Moneydance ... select action "Online" ... "Set up Online Banking".

    Your SS # is your account # an your PIN is provided by Wells Fargo.

    As I recollect you have to change your PIN on first use.


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