Can You Trust the NT Gospels?

Can You Trust the NT Gospels?


Are the New Testament gospels a reliable witness to the life and ministry of Jesus Christ? The question is a basic one, yet it is absolutely foundational to the Christian faith. If the gospel accounts are reliable, then we have overwhelming reason to embrace Jesus Christ as the Messiah. His ancestry, birth, baptism, ministry, miracles, teaching, death, and resurrection all lead to the same inescapable conclusion.

But if the gospels are not reliable, then we have a massive theological dilemma. If the Jesus of the Bible was not the real Jesus, then our faith in Him is almost surely misplaced.

Comment: The first article in a series. Image from Wikipedia: Historicity of Jesus

Also consider: The Consistency of the Gospels

One of the main beefs that critical and or liberal theologians have with the inerrant view of the gospels is that they claim there are so called "contradictions". Their claim is that the gospels are not cohesive (especially the Gospel of John) and do not correlate with each other feasibly. Dr. Mark Roberts debunks that myth by stating 32 similarities with all FOUR gospels...including John's Gospel account!

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