Deck project

We completed our deck project this week. We had a product called Last Deck installed to replace our moldy, mildewed decking. Last Deck is aluminum - never need painting or staining and will not rot. (Kathee is holding sample (top picture)). Grand Exteriors of St. Michael was the contractor. We picked Last Deck because it is a Minnesota company that understands the harsh weather that a deck must withstand. We also procured new all weather patio furniture from ByTheYard. Bottom photo is of Bob Hegland, Grand Exteriors.


  1. Interesting. Is the aluminum coated with something to make it less slippery?

  2. More on the deck project. 3 years ago we replaced the wooden deck surface with a composite material made by http://www.correctdeck.com/. This product just did not work for us. Because composite material has wood products (mixed in the plastic) those wood fibers can mildew.

    It was a hug disappointment that this did not work out for us.

    My take is that the aluminum will not be slippery because of the coating.

    I encourage you to visit the vendor's website.


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