Back from Branson

We arrived home from vacation at 6:30 tonight. We ordered pizza in and now are relaxing. I took a lot of pictures but need to upload to Photobucket before I post any.

Here's a summary of our trip:

  1. We had a 2 bedroom / 2 bath condo. While we only used one bedroom the spaciousness of the condo was nice.
  2. We attended 5 shows:

    1. Andy Williams
    2. Spirit of the Dance
    3. Lost in the 50's with the Platters
    4. Johnny Cash ... a Tribute
    5. Liverpool Legends

  3. We toured The Titanic


    1. Just like last year, I was called (cell phone) about a work issue. I called my boss and passed it onto him
    2. We had discounted tickets to all of the shows - only spent $ 142 total on show tickets
    3. I endured 2 time share presentions (how we got discounted tickets) and managed to NOT buy! NO NO NO!!! (You have to practice this in front of a mirror before a time share presentation!)
    4. We ate most meals at the condo ... saving $$$
    5. We had some car issues ... I think the alternator is going bad. Also the transmission shifted funny multipl times today. Both will have to be looked at
    6. We worshiped at Branson Bible Church last Sunday

  4. We visited the The Veterans Memorial
  5. We visited Eureka Springs
  6. We connected with my cousin, Steve Green, in Mena Arkansas.
  7. We drove over 2000 miles
  8. I read most of the books that I took along

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  1. Sounds like you got a lot accomplished. Good job at saying no no no. My parents did something like that one time. Anyways, glad youre back. I have things to read while at work now.


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