Amazing truck crash photos

Amazing truck crash photos spark Web debate


Investigators estimated that the truck was traveling about 75 mph when it crashed through a concrete barricade separating the road from a roughly 200-foot precipice running alongside State Route 59.

What happened next has been described on Internet messages boards as "impossible," "crazy" and "insane." One Web site ran the photos under the headline, "I bet this guy will be in church Sunday!"

So stunning are the photos on the myth-buster sites that many people posting comments allege the pictures have been altered with Adobe Photoshop.

Not so, say the local police.

White Ute - Inches From Disaster


"The Hurricane City Police department confirmed that these images "are consistent with a single vehicle traffic accident that occurred on State Route 59 in Hurricane City" on 30 December 2006, and that "Hurricane City Police and Hurricane City Fire Rescue responded to the scene."

Snopes: Living on the Edge

Comments: Per Snopes ... real! The Snopes pictures are the largest and slowest loading. The middle link has all of the photos, but smaller. Loads faster.

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