6 seconds to spare

Teen helps free woman from car seconds before 2 trains hit


Thomas Foust was driving behind the woman Saturday night in the northern Chicago suburb of Glenview, Illinois, when her car turned onto the tracks and stopped.

"I saw the train lights coming and I said, 'This is a big problem,' " Foust told CNN's Kiran Chetry on "American Morning."

Foust, a trained lifeguard, put the car he was driving in park and jumped out, saying little to his friends, who got out and followed.

"Me and two of my friends, Tyler and Zach, we ran up to the car and started yelling and pounding on the window, and finally we got the door open, and we're like, 'Ma'am you need to get out of this car right now because there's a train coming toward it,' " Foust said.

"We unclipped her seat belt and basically just pulled her to safety and my friend, Tyler, ran and called the police, and ... we got maybe 10 feet away from the train, and it hit like six seconds after we got her out."

Comment: Teen hero! Good read. Video available!

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