Baptist business meeting gone bad!

Baptist pastor arrested during meeting


An organizational meeting between divided members of St. Mary Primitive Baptist Church became heated today and ended up with the arrest of the church's pastor.

The Rev. Victor Broadenax, pastor of the church at 454 W. Call St. since 2003, was arrested on a charge of battery.

The incident occurred during a meeting of about 100 church members, Sgt. Annaliese Wierenga of the Leon County Sheriff's Office said.

Sheriff's deputies had been called to the church as members tried to meet to discuss Broadenax's continued role with the church. His supporters were in attendance as well as Primitive Baptist Church leaders who say he is no longer the church's leader.

Wierenga said members were told that the church's business needed to be decided with legal counsel, not law enforcement. But because of the size of the crowd and the tension, a deputy remained on the property to secure the peace, she said.

At one point during the meeting, a Primitive Baptist Church leader was addressing the crowd at the microphone when Broadenax reportedly walked up and grabbed the elder around the neck in an attempt to remove the microphone.

Comment: A gentle reminder that all things must be done "be done decently and in order" (1 Corinthians 14:40) and that the Pastor is to be "not violent ... gentle, not quarrelsome" (1 Timothy 3:3). Interesting church name: "St. Mary Primitive Baptist Church"!


  1. Broadenax was recently in Seattle at the Goodwill Missionary Baptist Church where his friend Garry L. Tyson is currently the Pastor.

    Tyson is also embroiled in a court battle with the members of Goodwill who have had enough of him and his dictatorship.

    Tyson and Broadenax are part of a associaton called the Cathedral of Covenant Fellowship run by Bishop Bellinger out of Columbus, OH.

    One of the other Fellowship Pastors was recently on trial for sexual abuse of a child.

    It makes you wonder what this fellowship is all about.

  2. Accountability is very impportant. What kind of meesage are we sending to our child, if we do not hold people accountable for their actions?

    Let's take Gary Tyson for instance, he came to Seattle with nothing, not even a pot to piss in, yet he is now leasing a $800,000 house a driving a luxary cars.

    Gary has been at Goodwill Baptist church(which has been around for 63 years)going on 5 years and has practically drained the church dry. Getting rid of the entire trustee board and those on the deacon board who were against his shady dealings.

    Gary has brought ministers to the church who were convicted of child molestation, one minister was accused of choking a member of his congregation during a business meeting.

    Ministers like Gary, Tony, Braxton, Edward Donaldson and many others need to be removed. Our children need to know that ministers who were truly called by God should not be borrowing money from members and not paying them back, dividing a church, taking from the church, and walking around with more with suga in their tank.

    What happened to being a leader, someone children can look up too? We are at fault, we invite these ministers to our church to speak at our men's day program, youth musical etc. We have to stop supporting these people and hold them accountable. Enough is Enough. Stop with the lies and the manipulation.

    Gary is currently in court instead of him leaving he will fight, because he is not paying for the attorney the church is. he would love to see the Goodwill's doors to be closed then to walk away like a real man. Gary is not a real man he is coward who hides behind former drug dealers, addicts and fornicators. He would rather them to do his dirty work.

    The members that started Goodwill, I am sure they are rolling in their graves. All their hard work and dedication is in the hands of hustler.

    1. SO Let me get this straight. Even if this is true. you suppose to turn away people from your church because of what you heard about them .Lmao

  3. I was invited to Goodwill yesterday, so I went, but I had no idea what was instored and it sure wasn't God.

    The people were not friendly, I don't know if it was me or the person who invited me, but anyhow they had a Black History skit which was nice and then the pastor got up to preach and the all hell broke out.

    There was a lady who had been taping the program, he told her to stop taping, then he ordered people to make her stop taping, all while he is in the pulpit preaching.

    Next thing I know the police came inside the sanctuary and asked the lady to come out. I could not believe what I was seeing. The pastor was cocky and arrogant, his wife was dressed like she was going to the club.

    I got the heck out of there, because I did not want anyone to start shooting and yall know a bullet does not have a name on it.

    I talked to my friend later on and she told me that the people that took the pastor to court won their case on Friday and the pastor and his supporters are upset.

    I told her I will not be back to Goodwill, they can save the drama for somebody else. What I saw was a man that was childish and not being lead by God.

    What was really sad was that children were in the sanctuary watching all of that mess.

    If you want to watch drama unfold go to Goodwill.

    If you don't want to be bothered with mess, then stay far away.

    If I was a member I would find another church, because I would not want him being my pastor the way he acted.

  4. Too many churches do not truly seek for pastors called by God, faithful to God or servants of God. They call men to tickle their itching ears with song and soothing words then get upset when it does not work out the way they want it to.

    The real questions are did this or any church engaged in such ugliness and foolishness truly seek God and wait for His response or did they vote in the quickest, most convienent or some other charectoristic that has nothing to do with God or the Bible? Many churches rush to get a pastor so another church won't get him. Others seek a pastor they can control either with dirt on him or hoping he wil be so happy a church called him that he will do whatever they ask no matter if it is biblically sound or not.

    If any church has a history of fighting pastors, fighting with each other, litagation with pastors or members then regardless of what is going on with the current pastor even if it is justified, there is still a contrary controlling spirit stronghold within that church that must be destroyed. Otherwise when the next pastor comes in it will sooner or later head down the same path.


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