MacBook setup

I took the dive into the Mac world. Today was a hectic day.

  1. Dan Brown preached this morning from Titus 2:11-15. Excellent
  2. I mowed after church while Kathee went to the grocery store.
  3. I spend the remainder of the day cleaning up the Dell and setting up the MacBook

    1. I moved all essential files onto a USB drive and deleted from the Dell
    2. The MacBook came up nicecly right out of the box
    3. The Airport Extreme router and printer set up was complex. Turns out that Comcast had to reset the cable modem remotely. But once that took place, all worked well
    4. I installed Firefox, Office, and Parallels
    5. New HP printer connects to the router and prints fine!

  4. Apple has a deal where they sell a printer for $ 100 w a $ 100 rebate, and a $ 150 Nano with a $ 150 rebate. Of course it is a major pain to fill out the rebate paperwork and there is a 6 week wait for the rebate. But ... still nice
  5. Kathee working (her IT job) most of the afternoon and still.

Nathan took the old Dell and the Brother

I have alot to learn about Mac OS X. I could not figure out how to eject a DVD / CD ... but Roger knew.

So this is my first blog from the MAC


  1. Glad to see that you have come over to other side—the world of Mac! Nancy and I have had our new MacBooks for over a year now. And we have been Mac people since 1985 or so.

  2. Congrats. Let me know if you need anything.


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