The gold of Parvaim

From our reading in 2 Chronicles 3 & 4 last night:

2 Chronicles 3:6, "He adorned the temple with precious stones. And the gold he used was gold of Parvaim" (NASB)

2 Chronicles 3:6 in 5 versions

Kathee and I stopped and looked for a marginal note to explain. Finding none, I looked up Parvaim in the ISBE (The International Standard Bible Encyclopedia):

PARVAIM - par-va'-im (parwayim; Septuagint Pharouaim):

The word occurs only in 2 Chronicles 3:6, as the place from which Solomon obtained gold for the decoration of his Temple. A derivation is given from the Sanskrit purva, "eastern," so that the name might be a vague term for the East (Gesenius, Thesaurus, 1125). Whether there was such a place in arabia is doubtful. Farwa in Yemen has been suggested, and also Saq el Farwain in Yemamah. Some have considered the name a shortened form of Cepharvayim which occurs in the Syriac and Targum Jonathan for the "Sephar" of Genesis 10:30.

A. S. Fulton


  1. Thanks for your input!

    Stan Leverett

    My wife and I love the Lord with all our hearts and praise and thank Him everyday for his goodness and love! He is so kind! Just recently, as of yesterday afternoon, the Lord provided my precious, lovely wife with a gorgeous, beautiful piano, for which we are so grateful! God is so good!

    1. Are you ABSOLUTELY sure you're tuned into God?

  2. Gods word never stops intriguing me with beauty, love , adventure and self discovery.As long Iv as read it, I am amazed at the depth of God's love and the wonder of His creation....I recently read a thread on "the fleet of Solomon" written by a New Zealand native who claims their is evidence of King Solomon traders on that island. I am amazed at the fact that world wide these did exist back in ancient times and just as gold came from the ends of the earth to glorify God, so does the mercy and forgiveness purchased by Jesus Christ go out to bless all that would look to Him.

  3. I find myself agreeing with you. I have been studying the Bible 4/50 some years. Everyday I find something new something spectacular something wonderful from his word. Yes I am the type of guy who wants to know where this place. Is comma perhaps is Central America or Mexico or Peru. I read that because of the length of time it took for a fleet to travel to over and back that it could well have been in the Americas.


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