Fetch FTP and Unix commands

Tonight's MAC projects:

  1. I downloaded and installed Fetch FTP and tried it out with my jrpeet.com site. Works fine. I may still by CuteFTP as I like that interface a little better.
  2. I received Learning Unix for Mac OS X Tiger today and scanned through it. I will be taking this on vacation with me.
  3. I was unable to register the ICAL (calendar) product. I intend to call Apple support tomorrow night (must call before 8)
  4. Roger showed me how to enable the right mouse click with the Mighty Mouse.

Much still to learn!

Two people today (a coworker and my Son) asked me how I would compare / contrast Vista with OS X Tiger. I have been using Vista at work for 6 months. Almost all of my daily work is done on Vista so I have a lot of experience with it. I think that OS X Tiger has it all over Vista. There is no comparison! The transition from XP or Vista to OS X has a little bit of a learning curve, but OS X is much more intuitive and friendly. I love it.

Also, my MACBook runs significantly cooler than my Dell / and is quieter!

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  1. For FTP, try Transmit. It is the best OS X FTP client, IMHO.

    There shouldn't be a "registration" for iCal... perhaps your .Mac account is messed up?


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