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Woman Brings Fake $10,000 Bill to Mass. Bank


A $10,000 bill? The staff at a Massachusetts bank just wasn't buying it.

The suspicious staffers quickly determined that the bill a woman brought into the Lowell bank was a fake.

Michael Gallagher, risk management director at Enterprise Bank, tells The Sun of Lowell that it is believed there are only about 300 $10,000 bills left, and most are in the hands of collectors.

The bank called police, who in turn notified the U.S. Secret Service, the agency that investigates counterfeiting.

Comments: Wiki with images: Large denominations of United States currency. The largest bill I've ever seen is a $ 100. A couple of times a year my neighbor gives me a $ 50 (I mow her grass and plow her driveway! (By the way ... not required! What a dear neighbor I have!)).

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  1. I noticed Ebay that you can buy a $ 500 bill. At quite a premium!


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