Senate predictions - three weeks out

Images captured from the WSJ and NYTimes

Comment: WSJ has 50 Republican Senators. Three weeks from today! Be sure to vote!

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  1. The defeat of Harry Reid would be a delight to me!

    The WSJ comments on him:

    "Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has staked his re-election bid on convincing voters that his GOP opponent Sharron Angle is "extreme" and "wacky." Two can play at that game.

    Ms. Angle has blasted off two new ads that accuse Mr. Reid of supporting taxpayer funded Viagra for child molesters and "fighting to give preferred college tuition rates to none other than illegal aliens." And it's hard to say Mr. Reid didn't have it coming.


    Mr. Reid perhaps should have stuck to his original strategy of trying to savage Ms. Angle's image rather than rescue his own with gestures that call attention to his role as majority leader and key advocate of the Obama agenda in the Senate. The apparent effect has only been to dig his hole deeper. Despite Ms. Angle's liabilities as a candidate, the race appears more than ever to be a Harry Reid referendum."


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