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Minnesota Poll: Most oppose new Vikings stadium


As the Minnesota Vikings push state officials for a new stadium in what many describe as a make-or-break year, two-thirds of Minnesotans say the team should stay in the Metrodome and 75 percent oppose public subsidies for the project, a new Minnesota Poll shows.

Yet the poll, which surveyed 1,206 adults, indicates a shift of opinion on the public money spent on the Minnesota Twins' new baseball stadium. While 40 percent still say the subsidy was not worth it, the poll shows that the level of approval for the public subsidy for Target Field has risen to 48 percent, up from 29 percent four years ago, before construction had started.


"They [the Vikings] can play in South America for all I care," said Marlin Waldvogel, a retired railroad worker from Bemidji. "If they want to have a stadium, let them pay for their own. If I want to build a swimming pool, you think the taxpayers [should] pay for it?"

Comment: The Dome has a lot of years left. Use the Dome!

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  1. I'd even loan them my Super Sawzall if they want to cut off the roof and have an outdoor stadium! :^)


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