Solow text scam

SoLow.com – unwanted messages and subscription


SoLow.com sent me a text message. By opening the message I became an automatic subscriber of their service and get charged $9.99 a month. I never signed up for this service. What a scam!

Comment: On Sunday I received three text messages from solow.com

  • All on my company cell phone
  • My carrier is Verizon
  • I'm not real clear about the offer but there was something about a $ 9.99 subscriber fee
  • On Monday I called Verizon (our company has a corporate account so we have what I would consider premium service.) The Verizon representative was extremely helpful. She suggested that I respond to the message (reply to the message) with STOP. This I did. She also submitted a complaint to solow.com

Beware of this service. If you receive an unsolicited text I suggest you call your carrier!

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