I posted yesterday about the Solow.com text spam.

Yesterday I called Solow.com to complain about it. The Solow representative insisted that I had to have initiated the text by entering my cell phone # into a web page.

I absolutely know that was not the case. I've not only never used my company cell phone on any web page, but additionally last week (10/1-10) I was traveling with no access to the Internet.

Interestingly on our way home as I was riding and Kathee was driving (we were on I-35 in Iowa North of Ankeny IA), I received a call from 520-241-3259. I'm thinking "Oh no! A problem at work!". But no message was left. I called the number back but there was no answer. After I got home I again called the number and the message said something like "this number is not receiving messages".

I tried calling the number several more times with the same response. When I got back into the office on Monday I used our internal HR system to do a phone # lookup of teammembers. This is a handy feature that enables us to see who has called without leaving a message. Well 520-241-3259 is not an internal company phone.

Yesterday I did a Google search on the number. Here's the results.

This is apparently some sort of scam. I'm not sure if it is linked to the Solow.com issue but the close proximity of first receiving a call from 520-241-3259 followed by the text spams from Solow.com makes me wonder

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