I love feel-good stories like this!

Teenager shoplifting in costume store forced to hold a sign out the front saying he got caught (while in costume, of course)


An 18-year-old Virginia man who was caught shoplifting at a costume store has accepted a rather unusual punishment.

Andrew Perry, the owner of the Halloween Express costume store in Charlottesville, told the light-fingered teenager that he would not call the police - if instead the youth stood in front of the store with a sign saying he was caught shoplifting.

In a bizarre twist, Mr Perry also told the boy that he would have to dress as Sesame Street character Bert, as in Bert and Ernie.

Comment: We need to bring these back for small time crime!


  1. Hey--it'll be another Bert Perry!

    (Bert is evil!)

  2. We have a friend who got his car broken into and about 3k worth of stuff stolen. (Yes, part of it was his own problem for leaving it in the car) The guy who stole it had hit about 10 cars in one night. My friend managed to figure out who stole it because he was trying to sell it on Craigslist. Anyways, my friend is going to print off his photo on a plotter and put them around Plymouth and MG with text that says I am a thief or something like that.


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