Upset in Iron Range? Chip Cravaack in Minnesota's 8th District

Neophyte Puts Veteran on the Defensive


Chip Cravaack, 51, is a retired Navy helicopter pilot turned stay-at-home dadwho found himself simmering over the health-care bill last summer. He said he went to Mr. Oberstar's local Congressional office with 25 others and asked for a town-hall meeting on the topic.

When the group was rebuffed, Mr. Cravaack said he called his friend, the mayor of Lindstrom, the town of 3,000 where he lives, and asked: "I want to run for Congress. What do I do?"

Mr. Cravaack's campaign has since raised $600,000 and picked up some traction. Mr Cravaack released a poll this month showing that he trails his opponent by just three points.

Comment: This race will be close. I'm not in this district but Chip Cravaack is the man to vote for! Oberstar is too old and out of touch with the needs of this district. Chip Cravaack official site.


  1. Thank you for the mention. This has been a very exciting year

  2. Hey Chip! VERY VERY excited about your victory! One of the highlights about this year's election!

  3. Nice win by Chip Cravaack. YellowStar can not hurt the iron range any more after January!


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